Making A Presence on YouTube

January 8, 2010

Many people today prefer learning from video than reading articles and pictures. You can gain from this by supplying short instructional videos on the topic of your expertise and then leading them to your site.

Creating your presence on you tube can be a big benefit for your business and can generate thousands of views of your videos. As Google owns You Tube, you can imagine that YouTube will come up in a lot of video searches.

By adding the right keywords to the title, providing useful information and adding a link to your site in the the video, you will be sure to expand your traffic and become known as some one in the know.

You can email the direct links to your YouTube videos, Embed the the videos on your website/ blog and posting on online message boards/ forums in answer to questions people  have.

You can get Free Streaming Video Software from CamStudio for capturing tutorals of how to do things on the computer. Most digital cameras and mobile phones can record short videos that can be uploded to your comuter.

For video editing you can use Windows Movie Maker or search for free video editing software on the internet.

And to make money from your videos use Easy Video Player software to embed paypal buttons into your online videos.

To Create your presence on you tube, first you will have to open a you tube account to upload your videos to. As you can see in the two short videos below, why people are preferring videos as a way to find information quickly. You may also note that these are not my videos and therefore by Making A Presence on  YouTube you may just find your videos, advertising your site for free, embeded in many other websites and blogs.

How to open a YouTube account ?

How to Embed your Website on your Videos ?


How To Create A Link In Html

November 28, 2009

To start with I will give you the code for making an Html text link:

<a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; title=”Go To My Website” target=”_blank”>Click Here</A>

NowI will Explain it.

This code can be inserted in your site, blog etc… as HTML and will appear as Click Here.

The Code broken down:

<a href= Start HTML tag
http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; This is the website you will go to when you click on the link. (Replace with your own)
Link So Far <a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221;
title= Html Code
“Go To My Website” This text will appear as a tooltip when you hover over the link. (Replace with your own)
Link So Far <a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; title=”Go To My Website”
target=”_blank” This instructs the website to open in a new tab
> Html Code
Link So Far <a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; title=”Go To My Website” target=”_blank”>
Click Here This is the text on your page that people will click on to go to your site. (everything you type here will be diplayed)
</a> End HTML tag
Test this link

You can leave out title=”Go To My Website” or target=”_blank” if you wish , the basic link looks like this:

<a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; >Click Here</A>

Now How To Create An Image Link In Html:

Replace the red section in this text link:

<a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; title=”Go To My Website” target=”_blank”>Click Here</A>

With the red section in this image link:

<a href=”http://www.theadsensemasters.com&#8221; title=”Go To My Website” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://www.ButtonLocation.jpg”></a>

And simply replace http://www.ButtonLocation.jpg with your image location.

How To Create A Link In Html is an excerpt from my site TheAdsenseMasters.com



July 29, 2009

I use the Traffic wave autoresponder for all my newsletters and marketing campaigns and have nothing but praise for them. They have an easy to use members area, training videos and have been quick to answer any questions I have emailed to them. They are also constantly updating with new features.

See how to use an Autoresponer for Affiliate Marketing ,Web Designers, Retailers and Reastaurants.

TrafficWave.net takes these measures seriously to ensure that your messages can be delivered across a wide variety of email service platforms.

Traffic wave’s Sender Reputation (as verified by SenderScore.org) is among the highest in the industry. The following chart shows a comparison of the available data from SenderScore.org for some of the top AutoResponder companies. Scores range from 0-100 with 0 being the worst and 100 being the best. Volume is an indication of how much mail volume is being processed as compared to other providers.

Company Sender Score Complaint Score Accepted Rate Volume
SendFree 30 24 95.92% 2
GetResponse 55 10 97.95% 83
iContact 90 96 99.64% 9
Aweber 95 59 98.64% 99
ConstantContact 100 84 98.70% 100
TrafficWave.net 100 86 98.14% 12

These stats are provided by SenderScore.org and are accurate as of July 28, 2009. There are many factors that determine deliverability and overall reputation and these statistics will change over time.

They have a 30 day free trial and are a double opt-in service (avoiding the issue of spam) There is a comprehensive training section in the members area.

View Traffic Waves Features Here.


Chris Devine

July 24, 2009

Websites I’m involved with:

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Devine Records.com – My private recording studio, my music and artist Ive recorded also alot about the world we live in, the environment and spirituality.


Devine Miracles.com – My wife’s website. Information about spirituality and Angels. Get an Angel reading, read the articles, use the widgets, check out the gifts and a bookshop


The Adsense Masters.com – Tons of tips and articles on various subjects including computers, finance, shopping and travel.